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Shishu Bihar H.S. School


Journey of Shishu Bihar H.S. School

Old Building

It is said that Rome was not built in a day. The name and fame, Shishu Bihar has earned, is not achieved all on a sudden. It has a history of over five decades.
Way back in 1954, the then State Government took initiative for setting up of a Nursery School under Montessori system of Education. With the objective in view, three teachers namely Smt. Maya Chakraborty, Smt. Lalita Bose and Smt. Gita Datta were sent to Delhi for undergoing Montessori training. First batch of children were enrolled in July, 1954 and the school was provided with temporary accommodation in the old hostel of Maharani Tulshibati Girls H.S. School, located opposite to present Press-Club. In 1956 the school was shifted to its present location at Officers Qtrs. Lane.

At that time the Headmistress of the School was Smt. Sutapa Banerjee. Soon the Nursery School, Shishu Bihar became a centre of attraction. With a view to developing the school as a centre of excellence dedicated teachers were brought from different parts within and outside of the state. Among them the induction of Miss Arati Patra by Dr. G.N. Chatterjee, the then Director of Education and an eminent Educationist was a landmark. Miss Patra, with her outstanding qualities and devotion nurtured and developed Shishu Bihar from its infancy. Since children are as beautiful and sacred as flowers, she considered Shishu Bihar as garden full of blooming children.

At the initial stage Shishu Bihar was a small school with limited number of students and teachers just like a family. Students had no particular uniform as Miss Patra thought the school uniform was a binding, posing a hindrance to the all round development of little children. She looked upon them as coloured butterflies moving about here and there in the school premises. Much later in 1981 school uniform was introduced.
Having begun as a Nursery school Shishu Bihar was gradually upgraded to Upper Primary level and remained so for some years. In 1976 it was upgraded to Madhyamik level with introduction of Class IX. First batch, comprising nine students, namely 1. Jaya Rao, 2.Atri Ganguly, 3.Sanchita Ganguly, 4.Jaba Chatterjee, 5. Arghakusum Mitra, 6. Sabyasachi Das, 7.Anjan Dev, 8. Debashish Das and 9. Hillol Das appeared in the Madhyamik Examination in 1978 conducted by Tripura Board of Secondary Education (TBSE). The results were brilliant, not only nine students secured 1st Division with high marks, but three of them secured ranks among the top ten ranks declared by the TBSE. Since then the students of the school have been climbing the ladder of success. Up till now 31 batches have appeared in the Madhyamik & 29 in the H.S. Examination. Among the top 10 ranks declared by the TBSE, 78 students of 31 batches bagged ranks in the Madhyamik Examination and 60 students of 29 batches in the H.S.(+2 stage) Examination. There is record of securing eight ranks in Madhyamik Examination in 2001 and seven ranks in H.S.Examination in 2003 under TBSE.

Students of the school have won laurels not only in academics but also in various extra-curricular activities like debate, quiz, painting, singing, dance, sports etc. And these probably have been possible through their upbringing in this school right from the Nursery classes.
For development of infrastructure of Shishu Bihar the State Government has always taken all possible efforts. At the beginning a house with GCI-sheets roof was constructed at the present location of the newly -constructed building of the school. Later in mid-eighties a two-storied building was constructed where classes have been held so far. Construction of the new two-storied building having 32 rooms which has been inaugurated on 3rd October, 2008 was taken up in 2006. In its architecture, design, size and location, the building has become a piece of attraction. It is heartening that the school is now going to get a good play-ground in front of the new building. It is expected that this newly developed infrastructure shall facilitate improvement of teaching-learning process and overall development of the students.

Prepared by
Reeta De Choudhury
Asst. Head Mistress
Shishu Bihar H.S. School


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